2017 2018 7. Sınıf Pantera Yayınları İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı Sayfa 8, 9, 10, 11

Sayfa 8 

1. There are nine adjectives in the puzzle. Find them.

2. Use the words in exercise 1. Write about one of your family members.

Sayfa 9 

3. Look at the picture and try to guess how they are feeling at the moment.

They look very happy. All of them smile in one direction.

4. Read the paragraphs and match them with the topics.

a. Physical appearance. (2)
b. Nationality. (1)
c. Hobbies. (4)
d. Personality. (3)
5. Read the texts again and tick (√) the correct answer.
True False
a. Vijay has got dark hair and green eyes.
b. He hasn’t got any friends at school.
c. English is the only problem for him.
d. He is very shy.
e. He goes to the basketball training after school.

Sayfa 10

6. Complete the sentences. Use the words below.

well-built blond shy
outgoing blue quiet
Hi! I’m Kelvin Styles. I sing and play the guitar in a rock group, Tigers. I’ve got short
1. blond hair and 2. blue eyes. I’m tall and 3. well-built. We usually play at school parties. Louis and I are 4. outgoing and cheerful. We love parties but Harry, the drummer, is 5. shy and 6. quiet. He doesn’t like talking. He hasn’t got many friends. I think we are his only friends.

7. Read the paragraph about Cassandra and answer the questions.

1. What is Cassandra like? She is a social person.
2. What is she wearing in the picture? She is wearing her school uniform,a yellow T-shirt, a purple skirt and her favourite black trainers.
3. What does she look like? She has got short brown hair and brown eyes. She is a bit short.
4. Does she play basketball? Yes, she does.

Sayfa 11 

8. Complete the questions with comparatives. Choose your answer

1. Which one is faster? (fast)
a) a cheetah b) a horse
2. Which one is more expensive? (expensive)
a) gold b) silver
3. Which singer is older? (old)
a) Madonna b) Selena Gomez
4. Which city is larger? (large)
a) İstanbul b) Konya
5. Which film is newer? (new)
a) ‘Suicide Squad’ b) ‘Batman: the Dark Knight’
6. Which actress has got more Oscars? (many)
a) Jennifer Lawrence b) Uma Thurman
7. Which country is nearer to Turkey? (near)
a) The United States of America b) England
8. Which planet is farther from the sun? (far)
a) Mercury b) Neptune
9. Which planet is hotter? (hot)
a) Venus b) Mercury
10. Which one is colder? (cold)
a) The North Pole b) The South Pole

9. Talk about these two witches. Compare them.

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2017 2018 7. Sınıf Pantera Yayınları İngilizce Ders Kitabı Sayfa 8, 9, 10, 11, 12