2017 2018 5. MEB Yayınları İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Sayfa 10,11,12,13

Sayfa 10 

1. a) Look at the map. Where are the children from?

Tom is from Canada
Sara is from Spain
Elif is from Turkey
Yang is from China

b) Match the children with the languages they speak.

Tom  English and French
Sara  Spanish
Elif  Turkish
Yang Chinese

Sayfa 11 

2. Listen to the people and complete the speech bubbles.

Hello! I’m Antonio.
I’m from ___________________________.
I am ______________________________.
I speak ____________ and ____________.

Hi! I’m Diane and this is Susan.
We’re from _________________________.
We’re _____________________________.
We speak __________ and ____________.

3. Complete the table and talk about it.

Name: Antonio
Country: Italy
Nationality: Italian
Age: 13
Languages: Italian, English

Sayfa 12

4. Listen to the recording and complete the missing letters.

Türkiye                    Turkish
England                   English
France                     French
Russia                     Russian
Japan                     Japanese
Germany                German
Italy                         Italian

5. Find eight countries and nationalities.

 Sayfa 13 

6. Read the picture story and make a similar dialogue with the questions below using puppets.

What’s your name?
Can you speak French?
How old are you?
Where are you from?
How many languages do you speak?

Sayfa 14 

7. Tick the classes you like.

Science, Physical Education (P.E.), Art, English, Music, Turkish

8. Read the speech bubbles. Work in pairs and make similar dialogues.

A- What’s your favorite class?
B- I like history.
A –Do you like music?
B- No, not really. Art is my favorite.

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